Hosting a Local Art Show

Art Galleries

There is a lot of work that goes into hosting an art show at a gallery. The gallery owner will generally host the event. They choose the art works that will be displayed and invite the artist to bring in works that will show well. They also arrange the guest list and issue the invitations. This is only done when it is an invitation only showing. Public showings are generally advertised in newsletters, local newspapers and with local art dealers.

The date for the art show is generally chosen as a time when plenty of buyers will be on hand to view the works of the artist. For art shows held in large cities, summer is not usually a good time for art shows. Many people that buy art often leave the city for the nearby countryside during the summer months. While they must work during the week, they often prefer to work late or stay home. Much of their energy is directed toward working so they can escape for a 3 day weekend. Shows are generally not given right before a major holiday. People are busy going to parties and spending time with family. Art shows are generally not on their things to do list at that time.

Refreshments are often served during art shows. Since the gallery owner is often the host, they choose the beverages and canap├ęs that will be served. They often have a local caterer they prefer for these events. Even if the host is not the gallery owner, using their caterer may be best. The caterer will generally know what the gallery prefers to be served to their guests.

On the day or evening of the show, the host must be available to greet the guests. Whether it is public or private, a personal greeting by the host is important. It shows the guests they are truly welcome and sets the tone for the event.